Artificial Grass Cleaner

30 Apr

Kennel & Turf Care by ProVetLogic

Maintaining the beauty and look of a lawn can be a daunting task especially if you have a pet dog at home. Having a lawn is akin to giving them a paradise as it gives them a whole play area for themselves where they can play for hours. Whether you have real grass or artificial grass in your lawn, there are certain steps that you need to take for its maintenance and cleaning. Although, the hassles of lawn maintenance get reduced up to a great extent if you have artificial grass. However, there are some practices that you must adopt for increasing its durability.

One of these practices is to use a quality artificial grass cleaner to keep your lawn germ-free and giving it a pleasant fresh look throughout the year. Make sure the artificial grass cleaner you are using is chemical-free. These chemicals can help to clean the turf but pose harm to your pet’s health and environment.

One such artificial grass cleaner that is recommended by veterinarians and top synthetic turf manufacturers is Kennel & Turf Care by ProVetLogic. It works like an enzyme cleaner and removes all the dirt and filth from your turf in an efficient manner. It goes deep into the turf for this purpose and cleans out all the organic waste, liquid spills or other such matters from the grass, thus, making it absolutely safe for your pets.

Another added benefit of using this cleaner is that it controls ammonia. It maintains the draining capacity of the turf and degrades organic matter. With the use of this cleaner, you will never have the issue of an unpleasant odour coming out of your turf as this cleaner will take care of this issue as well. This product is available in different sizes i.e. 1 gallon to 55 gallons for the convenience of consumers.

The process of using this artificial grass cleaner is simple. It is advised to use it with the Pro-Foam 2 multi-dilution system by ProVetLogic for better results. You can also use it with a pump-up sprayer that is suitable to be used in the gardens. The quantity of this cleaner for cleaning the grass depends on your cleaning requirement. For example, for light duty cleaning, it is advised to use 2 ounces per gallon of water. For medium and heavy duty cleaning, 4 and 8 ounces per gallon water is recommended respectively.

All in all, Kennel & Turf Care by ProVetLogic is the best artificial grass cleaner due to its exceptional properties. As discussed above, it causes no harm to your pets, grass or environment because of its chemical-free composition. The method of using this cleaner is easy. It helps to eliminate foul smell. With this cleaner, your lawn will give a new-like look throughout the year. It comes at a reasonable price; therefore, makes for a cost-efficient option to keep your artificial grass turf clean and germ-free. Visit Website

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