Artificial Grass Price

01 Jun

Why Lawn World Gives the Most Cost-Effective Artificial Grass Solution

Given the comfort offered by artificial grass, many people have opted out of maintaining real grass. In case, you are thinking the same, then join the club. Before you head out to install it, we will educate you about the dos and don’ts as well as the total artificial grass cost. Lawn world is a renewed artificial turf company in the UK that has facilitated many people with quality surf even on a low budget.

Low, Medium and High-Quality Artificial Grass Cost

  • The cheapest one is available at £3 – £10 per square meter. It has low face weight and therefore, it is unable to withstand the heavy rains.
  • The medium one, on the other hand, is available between £10– £27 per square meter. It usually comes with a UV coating that prevents it from being discolored.
  • The best and the last one can be bought at £27– £40 per square meter. It is 100% pet-friendly and has a medium face weight, which is more than enough.

Why Must you Avoid Latex?

This thing with latex is that it might be cheap, but it is not safe for your kids, and your pets. Especially, if you have pets in the house, the dog waste is going to be a routine matter. The one made of latex will be unable to wash off the urine, and its toxicity. It means that it will eventually become a harmful surface for your pet.

Things to Consider while Looking for Artificial Grass

Drainage and Infill Properties

The drainage should be able to provide best drainage blanket to tackle dog waste, the smells, as well as the rainwater. The infill should be able to hold the ammonia gasses that emerge from the urine. It should release the gasses only after the sodium has lost it magnetivity.


The one made form polymer is going to be beneficial for your pets. It will prevent your dog from digging the ground.


The muddy paws are going to be a headache that is hard to clean most of the times. However, with our k9 turf, you can remain sure that the surface will dry, and quickly decompose anything that comes its way.

Should you go for Artificial Grass?

It is true that many people think that it is a costly investment. However, if you take into consideration the countless benefits that come with artificial grass, then you might as well change your mind. You do not have to buy pesticides or even hire a gardener to do the hard work. Most importantly, you can also refrain from doing long hours of mowing with the annoying gas-powered lawn mower. Not to mention the gallons of water that you will save along the way. Need we remind you that this way, you will be able to significantly reduce your water bills? Therefore, considering the entire factors above, you have to make a smart choice. In case, you cannot seem to make your mind, then you can always consult our professionals, and we will sort out the problem for you.  Visit Website

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